How to Cultivate Strength

How to cultivate internal and external strength; 10 steps each!

How to cultivate internal and external strength; 10 steps each!

10 Steps to Cultivate Internal Strength:

  1. Speak your truth daily and with passion.
  2. Be patient, kind and compassionate with all sentient beings (humans, animals, plants, etc…).
  3. Learn to observe without judgment; but through the eyes of neutrality view the world.
  4. Connect to others; step out of your comfort zone and find your common ground.
  5. Communicate from your heart; release your mind it is not necessary unless you are problem solving.
  6. Be present; be empty in the here and now.
  7. Discipline the mind; hear no, see no and speak no evil.
  8. Trust in yourself and the One Law of nature.
  9. Be humble; be willing to be an ordinary human being; simple, honest and pure.
  10. Above all else create a space for love in your life. Without the ability to give and receive love you will have no strength at all. The root of all strength, power, faith, hope and creation is Love. Be love; be limitless.

10 Steps to Cultivate External Strength:

  1. You must connect the mind to the body. Your movement patterns need to be hardwired to your central nervous system.
  2. Slow down-pause and hold at the most difficult position of the movement. Create 4 second eccentric and/or 4 second concentric movements.
  3. Connect your breathing to your movement; inhale and exhale to unify the movement.
  4. Visualize the muscles being used. Feel them working, focus on what muscles are being activated and be present throughout the movement.
  5. Be consistent, disciplined and meditative; practice makes perfect.
  6. Focus on form and technique and repeat again and again.
  7. Build movement proficiency with ladders.
  8. Keep reps low, in the 1-5 range and complete at least three sets; 5 x 5 is traditional strength training dogma.
  9. Go as heavy as possible, or as difficult a movement pattern as possible- even if that means a 1 rep max at times.
  10. Be willing to regress before you progress! Go back and perfect the most basic movements. Then move forward slowly and only when you have gained a certain level of proficiency and ease with the movement pattern should you progress to the next movement or heavier weight. This will create a solid foundation for growth; as a tree can only grow tall and strong if it has deep roots, so too will you grow strong with slow and steady progress. Consistency is key!

I wish you great success on your journey; cultivating strength from with and without!

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What is Strength?

To endure the ravages of time, and trials upon the mind, body and spirit; and to still be beautiful in your own unique way!

To endure the ravages of time, and trials upon the mind, body and spirit; and to still be beautiful in your own unique way!

Can it be measured; can it be shared; is it internal or external; is it genetic or created by our environment? Can anyone cultivate this valuable resource?

Strength, what does it mean to you?

The first thing that comes to my mind is the ability to overcome challenges; big and small. Some call it resilience, an ability to cope with change or stressors.  So, my first thought of strength is internal strength.

Strength to face the everyday challenges that keep us struggling to maintain balance. Or the hurricane-like challenges that bring us to our knees and break our hearts wide open. The ones that challenge everything we believe about ourselves and the world around us.

We often like to say when we see life changing events that we would have done the heroic thing. We imagine ourselves being like the rescue workers who rush in when everyone else runs away; or the firemen and women who jump to action when wild fires run rampant across the country.

We judge those who fall short; who become overwhelmed and freeze or run away when the call comes for action. But what would we really do.

Funny thing is when the hero is questioned afterward they are not the stereotypical hero type. They are simple everyday men, women and children who simply make the choice in that moment to act.  That is it really, they see no other course, there usually is little to no thought before acting. They simply were faced with adversity and acted, right then and there, often stating that they saw no other option.

The next statement they typically make is something along the lines of, “It was a bus loaded with children, she was all alone; he was trapped and crying out for help.”

So what is it that makes them act? What core of strength and fire, of faith and courage runs through them? If you ask me, it is their heart. Seeing the event touches their heart and a rush of emotion floods over them. They have tunnel vision in that moment. They see only the need, their hearts are open and they respond to the call. The rush of emotion connects them to the one in need; they see no other option. They must help.  They must act; it’s almost as if their own life depended upon it.

At that moment nothing else matters; there is no thought only action.

When a tragedy like that happens in that moment they are gifted with supreme clarity of mind and strength of body; allowing feats of incredible bravery and physical strength.

Now, if you were to ask me what about physical strength? Is that not valuable to cultivate and a skill worth practicing and honing to the highest level possible? Can one not gain internal strength through mastery of the physical body?

Yes, just as internal strength is valued and esteemed for bravery and courage; physical strength is necessary and essential to our internal strength and sense of well-being. Physical strength gives us confidence and self-esteem. It connects our minds to our bodies and reminds us of the gift we have been given in this life; the gift of being alive! Physical strength creates the ability to move freely and enjoy all that life has to offer. The physical body grounds us in the here and now and gives meaning to our internal strength.

Ultimately, physical strength allows us the confidence to act when the call comes. When we are strong in our bodies we do not fear failing at the task at hand. We believe that we can endure; we pull from our internal strength and act with our physical strength. We are rooted, grounded, cemented and balanced within and without.

Internal strength cultivates external strength through commitment and consistency.  External strength hones internal strength through the practice of pushing the body to its physical limits. Activating and sharpening the skill to overcome; reinforcing the belief in the ability to succeed.

External strength alone is show without substance. It is empty and cannot be maintained. It is but a moment in time. But, if your physical strength is tied to internal strength, grounded in love with an open heart, you are limitless. You can act, create heal, endure, commit and transform.

So yes, strength can be measured, by your level of passion and commitment. It is both internal and external. It is both genetic and nurtured by your environment. We are all born with the capacity for great strength in times of heroic need and in the daily endurance of everyday challenges.

Thus, anyone can cultivate strength. Start from within, find your passion, open your heart, connect with those around you and step forward. Be willing to act, and then practice this skill daily. Take care of your body, your family, your home and your finances. Do what you are supposed to do.

Then when the big, life changing, event happens your skill to act in the moment to follow your passion to be consistent and true will shine forth. You will be unlimited in strength and clarity of focus! You will be that ordinary, everyday hero who says, “I only did what anybody would do in that situation.” And for you that will be true!

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Information Overload: (FMO) Fear of Missing Out

Fear of Missing Out leads to information overload and inaction!

Fear of Missing Out leads to information overload and inaction!

A study by Wiltermuth and Francesca, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology in 2012, revealed that inaction can be the result of too many options which is the result of a phenomenon called Fear of Missing Out (FMO).

When we are motivated by a fear of missing out on something we will overload ourselves with every possible avenue and piece of information pertaining to that goal; the end result is inaction.

So if your goal is fat loss and you are motivated by a fear of missing out you will buy every ebook out there, follow countless fat loss and fitness gurus all promising the holy grail of workouts or fat loss and nutrition tips.

You will consume product after product, clicking buy followed by additional fear purchasing; last chance, won’t be offered again, huge discount if you buy this too, add this to your cart. Before you know it on just one $19.95 transaction you have spent upwards of $50 to $200 dollars impulsively clicking, buying and consuming due to fear of missing out.

Then the next day another guru promotes another ebook and down the rabbit hole you go. And by the way you still haven’t even read the five other books or programs you just purchased all promising you that magic solution to melting your belly fat in 4 weeks, 6 weeks or 12 weeks! Just follow me, I have all the answers, fitness gurus!

You now have so much information you don’t know where to begin or what to follow.

You have completely lost the ability to follow your own innate wisdom. You are overloaded to the point of inaction. The end result: No action is being taken to solve your fat loss issue now!

It’s not your fault, we all fall prey to this! The marketing gurus know the psychology of the buyer; they spend a great amount of time and money creating this fear of missing out in their marketing strategies.

The best and only way I know to resolve this is to limit your influences; like your parents always said, watch who you hang out with. Drop all extraneous influences, all but your absolute top 2 to 3 fitness experts. Keep the ones that naturally jive with your style and goals; the best experts in the field that speak your language and motivate you.

I recommend dropping the ones that are always selling first! I am not interested in the individual who always has something to sell me; the next hot deal in the fitness industry. Also watch out for those trying to get backend deals on supplement and protein powders or programs from other fitness experts. The occasional pitch for a product or program they have used and believe I am all for. The same as any industry if you receive a profit you will be biased. I appreciate those who make a point of giving a disclaimer in this area; it is respectful at the very least.

The next ones to drop are the ones who have no tolerance for differing opinions or practices. Know-it-alls are usually the least informed and arrogant to match the ignorance.

Now there are exceptions to this rule some highly intelligent, science based individuals who also have no tolerance for others who are not as educated as they are. They actually are arrogant based on true intelligence, but personally I am just turned off by arrogance.

All fitness training and nutrition is a personal journey; affected by the individual’s goals, lifestyle, metabolism and current health and fitness levels. There is no one size fits all program. No one else knows what’s best for you, but you; No science does not get to decide this in my opinion!

If scientific data says the squat is the absolute best exercise, but you personally hate them, then that exercise will not work for you. You will perform it with poor technique and lack of intensity!

Nutrition is the key, movement is necessary, your goals dictate the action, and your lifestyle is what pulls it all together. Not some science based guy who barks at you that you are wrong and must submit; their way or the highway.

Look for the few experts who promote real science based nutrition plans, with clinical trials or study supporting them, but remember ultimately they will need to be customized to fit you personally.

Look for periodization plans and a certain level of customization in fitness schedules not one size fits all plans.

The fitness schedules should offer beginner, intermediate and advanced level programs which escalate in intensity over a 3 to 4 week period. They should also provide a down week or lower intensity week for the body to rest and recover.

Again any fitness program will have to match you personally or it will not succeed in the long run. You are blending this program into your current life not dropping your entire life to fit a plan. This cannot be maintained; then you are left with feelings of guilt and failure. In other words worse off than you started.

NOW back to the point, once you have chosen your absolute top 2 to 3 experts then pick one program only to follow!

That’s right, pick one program and stick to it for the designated time period.

Drop the fear of missing out. Make a choice and be happy with it, trust it. Pretend it’s a relationship no relationship will ever succeed if the other person is constantly on the lookout for something better and only giving you minimal attention! Focus and commit; this is where success is found.

Do not tweak or adjust the program (except for food allergies and sensitivities obviously). Once completed you have that option to make it your own, but first you must follow it and master it. You cannot make smart changes to something until you have mastered it first. Otherwise you could be altering a crucial component and not even know it! Trust is a must to succeed!

DO NOT purchase or even consider looking at any other programs during this time period.

Complete the program. Evaluate your results. Consider your new goals. Now you are ready to take the next step if that means continuing, but personalizing or tweaking the program, so be it. One change at a time, one program at a time, that is what works and will reap the results you seek, no magic bullet; just simple focused execution.

Bruce Lee stated, “It’s not the daily increase, but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential”.

If you fear missing out, you will become overloaded with information. This results in inaction! We want action; simple, concise, effective action! The focused execution of one plan is the solution to the fear of missing out dilemma and its attendant information overload.

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Best Exercises for Weight Loss

I am always studying and learning; desiring to do my best at my job as a personal trainer. In doing so I came across a very simple, but very obvious trend in regards to the best exercises for weight loss. Something else I noticed was that this list was very similar to basic functional movement patterns.

The best exercises for weight loss are:

  1. Squats
  2. Lunges
  3. Step-ups
  4. Full body Pulling: Vertical and Horizontal
  5. Full body Pushing:: vertical and Horizontal
  6. Hanging leg raise
  7. Cleans
  8. Jumping or plyometric movements

The basic functional movement patterns are:

  1. Squatting
  2. Lunging
  3. Hip hinging
  4. Pressing: Vertical and horizontal
  5. Pulling: vertical and horizontal
  6. Rotation and anti-rotation of body
  7. Flexion and anti-flexion of trunk
  8. Jumping
  9. Running

It is obvious that the best exercises for weight loss are the natural functional movement patterns of the body; simply put. The conclusion is to move the body daily in the ways it was designed to move; as a whole functional unit.  Stop with the machines that isolate the muscles as individual parts and focus on using your own body. This can mean body-weight only or using equipment that enhances your free range of motion such as free weights, sandbags, and kettlebells.

I personally enjoy using my own body-weight and sandbags for training. I can create great strength with very little equipment and maintain an excellent lean muscle mass to fat ratio. You do not need a lot of fancy equipment or an expensive gym membership to create fat loss.

Find ways to get active in your daily life. Push yourself, be intense and then rest to fully recover and reap the benefits of your efforts. Experiment; get creative; trust your instincts; play; lose the self-consciousness that limits and hinders you.

The best exercises for weight loss are those you do consistently. Be active and have fun, but push yourself.  Sprint across the park and then slowly walk back; then do it again. Who cares what anybody else thinks. Try pull-ups on the monkey bars, the kids will love it. If that is too difficult try bending your knees and place your body horizontal under a bar and do a horizontal pull or body row. Walk like a duck, your quads will burn like crazy, up the intensity by adding in a couple of explosive squat jumps. Another option is to do a wall sit, place your back against a wall (butt and head touching wall) and bend your knees and ankles to 90 degrees and hold for as long as you can; repeat 2 to 3 times. Put your feet up on the steps to the slide and your hands on the ground and do some push-ups. Or make this easier by placing your hands on the step and your feet on the ground and perform an incline push-up. You see how simple this is; it’s what you naturally did as a child and called it fun! The only difference is now you are watching your form and you have names for everything. But what I just described was a total body workout and can be done in 30 minutes or less. Just save the sprints for last so you don’t run out of steam for the other movements or do them on a separate day. This does not need to be a chore you dread; just living, playing and moving.

Functional movement is the best exercise for weight loss pure, honest and simple!

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Bennu Transformations Studio

I thought I would post a couple of pictures of my training studio for you to get a feel for my training style. I focus primarily on body-weight training with minimal equipment. I like to keep it simple, but comfortable!

Comfortable and cozy!

Comfortable and cozy!

I actually have more equipment than I need at this point!

I actually have more equipment than I need at this point!

Cross Core 180 also known as the War Machine and the USB sandbags.

Cross Core 180 also known as the War Machine and the USB sandbags.

The front entrance.

The front entrance.

Studio 5

No relaxing around here; were working out and training hard!

No relaxing around here; were working out and training hard!

Everyone needs a desk.

Everyone needs a desk.

Traditional Santa Fe style!

Traditional Santa Fe style!

I hope these photos give you a feel for the studio; and my own personal style!

The Bottom Line: In Diet and Exercise

The bottom line-at the end of the Day; It's all about you!

The bottom line-at the end of the Day; It’s all about you!

The bottom line, when it comes to diet and exercise is simply this, if it works for you than do it! If it matches your lifestyle and gives you the results you are after, without sacrificing your long term health and well-being then do it.

There are many plans out there and they all seem to work for someone; no carb, low carb, low fat, high fat, vegan, raw, Paleo, Adktins, Southbeach. They all work for someone; the big breakfast crowd, the fasting in the am bunch, the carbs in the morning and the carbs at night groups. People write books on these topics usually because it worked for them. Elimination diets, specific carb diets and GAP diets. They all serve a purpose in giving you clues as to what might work for you. Tweak them, customize them; take what you need from each one and create your own. If Jared can lose weight by eating Subway sandwiches and another guy can lose weight eating only Twinkies I think you can find a protocol that will work for you. That’s not the problem, as much as, can it become a lifestyle that you can maintain? Otherwise you will drop it by the way side in a couple of weeks or months and simply gain the weight right back and usually plus some.

There are several questions that need to be asked then: Will the protocol contribute to your overall sense of well-being and general health? Does it really fit into your current lifestyle? Do you enjoy doing it? Does it tick off all your important boxes; socially, financially, emotionally and spiritually? If you never shop at Whole Foods and the plan requires ingredients you can only find at specialty stores, will you be able to keep this up? If you have a strict budget will you be able to afford all those extra supplements over time? What about the gym fees needed for the equipment necessary to follow the exercises prescribed in the protocol? Do you even like going to the gym? Do you live to run or do you absolutely hate running? These are all important questions to consider before starting a new protocol. Just because one person got great results fast doesn’t mean that you will, especially if you don’t even like what the program requires like diet and exercise recommendations.

Again the best plan for you is the one that you will stick with consistently for the long haul. This is about losing the fat and keeping it off, not dumping it for the summer just to gain it all back again in a couple of months. It’s the whole lifestyle thing!

I’m all for finding new and improved ways of doing things, exploring the Farmer’s Market and finding new options, but if it is not customary for you then it is one more change that you will have to make to maintain this new program. Instead find one that matches where you are right now. One that has foods that can be found in the store you shop at regularly. Otherwise your likelihood of success on the plan diminishes greatly. Remember the more changes you make at one time the less likely you become to achieve success. As you naturally adapt and adjust you can continue to make small changes that will eventually lead you to your ideal lifestyle, but to succeed right now it needs to be practical for the life you are living at the moment.

If you love doing body-weight exercises find someone who can teach you the progressions. If you are a gym lover find a trainer that matches your personality and who is successful at achieving the results you are after. In other words find a strength coach if that is what you are after, not someone who trains physique competitors. The training is completely different based on your goals, really! If you need a trainer who will listen to you talk about your day and really care about you, then don’t chose the one who is always distracted and paying attention to other people while you train with them.

The big picture: set yourself up for success by being honest with your-self first and foremost. What do you really need to be successful? What little adjustments can you make throughout your day to achieve results? Don’t promise to exercise twice a day when you work 50-60 hours a week. Please, cut yourself some slack. If you end up missing sessions then you feel like you failed and quit the program; the middle path is best, choose moderation. And be realistic, if the plan calls for all raw foods and the most you have ever eaten is a raw salad ease into the idea, go vegetarian first.

So the best plan, the bottom line is if you can be consistent and the plan overlays your current life with the least amount of adjusting you will be successful. In other words, if it works for you now then do it! And keep on doing it tweaking and customizing over time. Eventually you will have that ideal plan you were always searching for. It will happen naturally without effort over time. Not the answer you were hoping for to lose those 10lbs before the big event, sorry that doesn’t get you anywhere in the end and usually pushes you further away from what you ultimately desire!


Surrender: Don’t Submit

Surrender and find a way to succeed!

Surrender and find a way to succeed!


Why do I say: surrender; don’t submit? Aren’t they really the same thing anyway? Not when you consider the power of words. The word surrender implies a choice based on trust, while maintaining personal power. The word submit on the other hand indicates lack of choice; an action made by force; the giving up of personal power to another by force.

There is power in the words we use. Here is an example: I can’t versus I don’t. Can you see a difference? I can’t: says that someone or something has authority over you dictating your actions. I don’t: says I have made a personal choice to act this way; self-empowered authority. These simple words can make a big difference in your overall success in body transformation.

Let’s get back to surrender. The statement; “I surrender” is an allowing action. Surrendering is a choice which allows something or someone else to step in, to be of service, to help you. It says this is too big; too much; or you may know better than I, so it’s your turn, you take it. It says I trust you and the terms of our agreement to create the outcome I anticipate.

When you surrender your fitness goals and say I may not have all the answers; I may not be able to handle all of this myself. You open yourself up to success. You begin to allow for experts in different fields to be of service to you. You allow your friends and family to actually be a support for you.  We don’t have to know everything about everything! We can ask for help.  And remember it’s dangerous to know a little about everything; that’s not enough for success.

Now, let’s look again at the word submit: someone says that they know better than you; more than you, and you need to do it their way to succeed! This is not OK. Trust your instincts; maintain your personal power and filter what this person or persons has to tell you. Do not blindly give up your personal power; always question what, why and how. Then filter this information through your own body, your own knowing. Does this feel right, sound right, or look right? Does it sound too good to be true? Is this an unnecessary shortcut that could endanger your health? Be careful, maintain your confidence do not let anyone bully you into doing it their way, and then, ask you to pay for it. That’s forcing someone to submit!

Never submit; always surrender and trust in your own intuition. This will lead you on to the best path for you as an individual! Surrender to the process; to the journey; to the joy and excitement of creating your own personal health. Allow as many opportunities as you need into your life, and then surrender to the possibilities

If you ever have any questions or concerns about health, fitness and well-being, just drop me a line at and I will try and assist you or point you in the right direction to get the service that you need.

Remember: surrender and find a way to succeed!

You Are What You Eat:

Veggies are the Best; if you are what you eat!

Veggies are the Best; if you are what you eat!

You are what you eat: so eat a balanced diet. Here are 10 helpful tips for eating a balanced diet.

  1. Carbs are not evil; they are in fact necessary providing the very fuel your body uses to run most efficiently on. Raw fruits and vegetables like the sweet potatoe are an excellent source, especially for those who are grain intolerant.
  2. Protein is best found in meat; not true. There are also some incredible vegetable sources like spinach, kale and broccoli. No matter how you get your protein get it and probably more than you are getting right now. Try a protein drink if you are having a hard time getting enough of this macronutrient.
  3. Fats make you fat: again not true. But do focus on getting the best fats for your body like Avocado, nuts, seeds, olives, olive and coconut oils. Fat is essential for proper functioning of the body, right down to the cells.
  4. Natural sweeteners are good; yes and no! They are certainly better than artificial sweeteners, but watch how much sugar you consume in a day. We already consume volumes more than we should and when getting enough carbs from delicious naturally sweet fruits you can avoid added sweeteners altogether. Sugar is not a vital nutrient for the body!
  5. GMO food; found in our food supply now and is best to be avoided. Check the up to date lists for genetically modified foods and avoid these foods. Be aware that most non-organic processed foods contain GMOs in the form of soy and corn (high fructose corn syrup). Non-organic ice cream for example contains hormones rBST.
  6. Eat Organic and local ; from your area farmers markets.  Organic is great, but often shipped from long distances effecting its freshness. Local foods tend to be fresh and minimally processed through shipping and packaging.
  7. Eat more veggies; they add bulk and fiber to your diet. They also feed the beneficial bacteria in your gut and are great for the health of your GI system, like onions, cabbage, sweet potato, okra, artichokes, prunes and fermented foods.
  8. Add more dark leafy greens; the bitters. They contain vitamins and minerals crucial for your body’s well-being and overall functioning.
  9. Drink Water; forget the energy drinks and coffee and get your fuel from a balanced diet. You are made up of mostly water (70%), honor that and drink water! Remember you will die without water in a matter of days, but it can take weeks without food. Water is all we need; but herbal teas can be medicinal and green tea does offer health benefits, so these are a good supplement to your water intake.
  10. Stop Eating; when you are about 80% full. Stop the continuous eating. Your body runs best when it is not overstuffed and constantly trying to process food. The body can use its energy to heal and balance when it is not digesting.

High Intolerance Foods: High FI

Spring time to Detox and Renew!

Spring time to Detox and Renew!

High Food Intolerance Foods: Spring is the perfect time to detox and renew. Try eliminating the top 7 food intolerance foods from your diet for 21 days and see how you feel! A side benefit can be weight loss, clearer skin, balanced emotions and an overall sense of well-being.

  1. Wheat (gluten)
  2. Soy: all forms
  3. Dairy: all forms
  4. Eggs
  5. Corn
  6. Peanuts
  7. Sugar and artificial sweeteners

If you are interested in giving your GI system a bit of a break; consider eliminating these foods from your diet for 21 days (3 weeks) and see how you feel. Then try reintroducing them back into your diet one at a time. Week 1 try wheat gluten (unless you already know that you are intolerant of this food) Eat 2 to 3 servings (large) in one day then have no more of this food for 3 days (72 hours) watch for any reactions from cramping to skin rashes, foggy brain, headache, diarrhea to constipation. The next week test out another food from the High FI food list to see how your body reacts; while you test back any one food item do not add any of the others off of the list so that you can be certain which foods your GI system reacts negatively to. While challenging foods back into your diet introduce only one food for one day then return back to the elimination diet keeping all high FI foods out of the body. Only introduce one food per week so the body has time to react and then revert back to homeostasis until the next food is introduced.

Spring is a great time to set your intentions for the summer season; see what you can harvest by autumn in regards to physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Balance is the key to enjoying this moment to it’s fullest! Eliminating the high food intolerance foods that do not contribute to your overall health and well being is just one step on the journey.

This list of High Food Intolerance Foods was sourced from The Virgin Diet, by JJ Virgin CNS,CHFS. I highly recommend this book if you have stubborn fat loss of suffer from GI symptoms and are interested in taking on an elimination diet.

Time to Garden!

Time to start those gardens!

Time to start those gardens!

The weather is beginning to change and the sun is getting warmer. Time to get those seeds in the ground and set your intentions for the summer.

A garden is a great way to change up your routine and force yourself to get outside if you are less than inclined to do so. Digging in the dirt is great for building strength in both the upper and lower body and is highly therapeutic after a hectic day at work. Going outside and planting, watering and caring for your garden changes the pace of your day; separating you from all the electronics and constant bombardment from social media.

There is no replacement for the taste and quality of home grown food. You pick the seeds and care for the plant from inception to fruition. Once it is perfectly ripe you pick it and eat it immediately. The food is not handled by machines, processed and packed for shipping across the country or the world. It is vital and full of nutrients that are exactly what your body needs to heal and nourish itself. There is an attachment to the food you grow by your own hand. You admire it on the plate, you enjoy observing the odd shapes and textures that you might not otherwise appreciate if it were purchased from the store. You savor the taste in your mouth, salivate with its freshness bursting with flavor. The simplest piece of food becomes so much more than that when grown on your own land, by your own intention.

Even if you have little space, live in a high rise apartment in the largest of cities you can enjoy this same process  There are so many creative and simple ideas for growing your own food available to us now via the internet and social media that there is virtually no excuse for not experimenting and trying your hand at growing. It does not need to be complex, expensive or time consuming to bear fruit and be rewarding.

So as the weather changes and a new season is upon us take a moment and consider the possibility of growing your own food. Start with one plant if need be, but begin now! As with any change pick one thing and focus on that, a garden outside, planters on the porch or an herb box by the kitchen window. Don’t overwhelm your self with trying them all at once, pick the one that you could use the most right now and begin there. Once that is successful begin another project and just keep on growing.

I wish you the best of luck and much success. If you would like to put a face to my voice I posted some pictures in the contact and about pages of my site. Now get growing that garden!